Charles Babbage and Alan Turing

I'm not a historian but I like telling stories and I like people even if i dont prefer their company always. Well I believe histories of software must always contain a piece of Charles Babbage and people like Blaise Pascal who didnt even think of a computer. A computer basically is something that computes, you know addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and all that fun stuff. There were many people who found different ways to help humans compute faster using log tables abacus etc. but Blaise Pascal's machine was something else and they actually made it in his lifetime. Charles babage was clever and his machine way more advanced than that of Pascal's in ways more than one but the kind of engineering required to build such a machine just did not exist then. That's not why I'm not a huge fan of Babbage (and definately not because [INSERT YOUR PETTY REASON HERE]). It's because he took people's money promising them a machine he couldn't deliver not once but twice, infact his machine was not built until way later. This would also be dope time Say a word or two about Ada Lovelace the first ever programmer, honestly she is just another beautifu and clever human who wasted her time on empty promises of another human. It's noteworthy that I truely belive that honorable men and woman still exist and that eveyone wants to be a honorable person but they feel like they dont have a choice but they're just afraid of the consequences really.

The Person I'd realy like to Talk about is Alan Turing. I'm going to avoid the role he had in the Allied forces' victory and just focus on tech. I mean in his time people were still stuck log tables and whatever other shit the were using. Alan turing was probably not the first guy to think of machines that could solve large problems but definately was the first to build something that could, with the help of others ofcourse. He was also probably the first person to think of AI. Idk, I think he's pretty cool and he was gay. When people found out, they gave him an option he could spent time in a cell or he could keep working on his machine but he had to go through Hormone therapy. He chose the latter and towards his last days he couldn't even solve a crossword puzzle. The cause of his death was cyanide posioning from an apple found on table where he was found dead. Some people believe it was suicide there are other who believe that it was the act of some Homophobe. Anyways many people came after him who took inspiration from his work which lead to machines that wouldn't fit in any affordable studio apartment in Silicon Valley but eventually gave rise to things i now pyt in my pocket.