My Psychadelic Epiphanies

What was this site again?

Hi. I'm guyf4wk3s. Yes my name is a reference to Guy Fawkes. This is my little corner on the internet. Basically this site is going to be place for me to document the subset : "the stuff that I feel is relevant" from the larger set: "wierd sh*t that goes through my head". I'm working on my "Language" and someday maybe the contents of this site would be suitable to be read to children but as of now if I were you I wouldn't but that's my fault .The ideas and philosophy I talk about here are relevant and valid and I hope you would forgive my language by their virtue. Lastly this site is under constant construction so some things may not be at the same place you last saw it.

A few Rambly thoughts with no specific direction

I can sometimes be bad at being original. But I guess that is one of the reasons why we have our 5 senses so that we can simply copy when we can't come up with anything good on our own to say or do. When you think about it, it kinda makes sense. Oh don't get me wrong I'm not talking about stealing, That is wrong. I'm talking about learning from others. Being original is great and all, but our Society is obssessed with being original and the importance of being able to imitate is often undermined. I mean we are humans and we need to come into terms with the fact that every great thought can't possibly be from one individual's brain. Our ancestores survived by Sharing practices that worked for each other. Learning from each others mistakes and sharing knowledge played an important part in our story as a species who ended up dominating earth. I mean sharing in general is pretty important. Also let's face it copying is tough.

Somethings are pretty under-rated and more often that not it's the basic and important things that end up getting overlooked upon. I guess when your priority is surviving another day there's not much room for selfishness that make's you hold back information or pride and vanity that prevents you from asking for it. Imagine what would it be like if people knew stuf that could potentially save the world but holds it back so that they can earn a little more money? Oh wait you dont need to imagine, you just need to look around yourselves- the medicines you take, the food you consume the tech you use, all keep their own secrets. It's no coincidence that drugs and food we consume is actally killing us and the tech we use is used to spy on and control us. They hide information and we have arrived at a point where we are totally okay with it and they are using that to their advantage. Isn't it weird if a kid asks "Why's that so?" more that once our society's reaction is not to support the curiosity but to belittle it? I dont know.


The subset I talked about earlier

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